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Ambode Bans VIOs from Lagos Roads with Immediate Effect; Good or Bad?

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asked May 9, 2017 in General by MrBee Moderator (380 points)
Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode has ordered the state’s Vehicle Inspection Officers (VIOs) out of Lagos roads with immediate effect.

It was gathered that since last week, the VIOs, under the Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS), had left all Lagos roads on the order of Gov. Ambode who handed down the directive as a result of public complaints.

Sources in the Ambode-led administration also said the removal of the officers from the state’s roads was to reposition the outfit.

A source revealed that the story carried by a national daily recently which alleged that the VIOs burnt the vehicle of a motorist arrested had not gone down well with the governor who would not tolerate unruliness in his administration.

Asides this, some complaints about supposed high-handedness and over-zealousness of some VIOs were other reasons the governor ordered them out of Lagos roads until further instruction.

Details :

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1 Answer

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answered May 9, 2017 by admin Moderator (450 points)
A very welcome idea.

Ambode is working!

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